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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Our Environment

“Third teacher”


The schools of Reggio Emilia are known for their aesthetic beauty. It is important to honor the children by creating spaces that are appealing and environments that inspire a sense of wonder and joy. 

Hopwood Child Care is a beautiful large open-plan full of light, plants, and natural objects. The open-plan allows us to be flexible and constantly supervise all age groups.


As the younger children grow and move to older age groups, transitions are smooth because staff is visible to all of the children. This allows children to feel comfortable as they move forward.

Our environment plays a central role within a Reggio-inspired early childhood program. We have created successful developmentally appropriate spaces that are referred to as the “third teacher." Activities and interest areas, such as art, math, and science, are arranged throughout our classrooms. Each area is designed with specific materials to promote active exploration, self-expression and collaboration. It is full of variety, with large spaces and small spaces, spaces for building, for dancing, for dramatic play, for talking, for wondering, and for reflecting. There are places for organizing, finding, and working with materials of all kinds. There are spaces for big groups and for small groups to think and imagine and make things together in a setting where both teacher and child can concentrate without distraction or interruption.

Each space and each small corner of every space has an identity, and a purpose. We give appropriate attention to the look and feel of the learning environment both within the classrooms as well as in the common areas of the facility. Our teachers must go deeper than what is merely seen at eye level and develop a deep understanding of the underlying principles and of children’s thinking, questions, and curiosities. 

Our approach highly values children learning in an indoor and outdoor environment. The stimulation children receive at Hopwood Child Care does not involve extraordinary equipment. We place an importance on children learning using natural resources.


Our amiable, rich environments are engaging, welcoming, organized, and beautiful! We encourage you to schedule a tour of our facility!